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Here are some examples of why people are finding AccessEN so valuable:

My experience with AEN was overwhelmingly positive. Not only did I get some great advice but also some practical tactics which I have already implemented. In addition I got introduced to a Strategic Partner who has an opportunity that could generate significant income for my company. People were very warm and generous with their contacts and even though there were some hard issues to face it was done in a very helpful and positive manner. I belong to many networking organizations and AEN is by far the most effective.
- Tim Martin, R.B. Zack & Associates, Inc.
"I have been to several senior executive networking meetings recently and nothing compares to the meeting last night. Thank you and I joined for the year! I would also like to better understand what you need or want to have to complement the strong team at Access. Thank you ..."
- Bob Schumacher
"I haven't seen an organization as unique and good as this one in 20 years."
- William Ellermeyer, Executive Consultant, Challenger Gray & Christmas
"It's a great group of people with heart and commitment; and they have great programs too. That's why I became a member right away."
- Norman Wolfe, Entrepreneur and Founder, Quantum Leaders, Inc.
"The thing that impressed me the most is that giving back and helping one another is not just lip service ... I really see it happening."
- Anonymous Survey Participant
"Your organization is unlike any I've ever encountered. I have had experience with service clubs who attract executives and who raise money for charity, but I never before have come across a truly executive organization so specifically focused on charitable endeavors. I'm impressed not just with your mission, but also with your execution." 
- Scott Sorrell, CEO, Sales Adrenaline
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