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Resource Center

Members can download presentations and other supporting materials presented by regular speakers or panelists. Often these presentations contain valuable information not available in the hard copy handouts.

Top Ten Speaker Tips
Speaker Book List

Aug 2007 Presentation: 7 Signals All Audiences Have to Hear8/7/2007
Jul 2007 Business Case: Getting local businesses online!7/6/2007
Jul 2007 Presentation: Springing Forward or Falling Back?7/10/2007
June 2008 CGC Presentation6/19/2008
June 2008 John Payne Presentation6/19/2008
Mar 2008: How To Charge Higher Prices & Get Customers To Thank You For It3/28/2008
Mar 2008: Share Our Selves Presentation3/28/2008
Oct 2006: The Five Critical Components to Getting TRUE Organization Execution and Workforce Engagement10/28/2006
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