Speaker Series

Need to stay on top of your game? Looking for new ideas, technologies and innovation? Does your company need to grow in a highly competitive market? Come listen to the advice and wisdom of other successful business leaders that have "been there, done that". Join us at our monthly event with outstanding speakers discussing topics that will fuel new and sustained growth for your business.

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Real-Life Business Cases

The purpose of the problem solving sessions are to solve real-life business challenges by presenting a "problem" to the audience and seeking their advice on possible resolutions. This also will facilitate entrepreneurial thought processes, help other Executives with similar issues and increase interaction between AccessEN members.

"The people I meet in Access Executive Network never fail to amaze me. Despite our initial reservations, we presented our company as one of their business case studies and were immediately rewarded with advice and contacts that have directly improved our startup’s product and positioning. We would do it again in a heartbeat."
- William Chow, Co-Founder, Mobophiles
"... I found the advice I received from AccessEN's Business Case Resolution process very valuable. After my presentation, I was approached by half a dozen executives with additional feedback and spent several hours discussing new business opportunities."
- Brian Hagerty, Entrepreneur and Chairman, Southern CA Entrepreneurship Academy
"Access Executive Network is an amazing, supportive group. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of complete strangers offering advice, contacts, and to spend time with me to help me improve my business. I know that my time spent presenting my business case will lead to great things for my company."
- Gilda Sebenick, Managing Partner, RecruitTrack
"A quick note to AccessEN expressing my gratitude for inviting WebVisible to present the last business case. The content of our case was timely and the input the team provided invaluable. This is a very different networking event- compelling content, interactive agenda and a philanthropic bend. My hat is off to your dynamic group of participants. Thank you again for the chance to present."
– Kirsten Mangers, CEO, WebVisible
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"Meet the Charity" Series

An AccessEN exclusive, once per quarter one of our designated charities shares how they are helping to change the world. Don’t miss learning how YOU can be a part of your community. "Giving Back!"

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