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Date:   20 NOV 2007        
Time:  6pm - 8pm              
Place:  The Center Club   

Members: Free (included in your membership!)
Non-members: $45 (please use PayPal) (Save $150 annually by becoming a member today!)

Address: 650 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626  
(Off Town Center Drive and under  the Performing Arts Center)           Room: Chairman's Room            


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Dec 18:  Annual Liquidity Party

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Connecting the Dots: How to Network More Effectively


Networking is a low cost, but high return business strategy. It can tranform your business development from a "cold calling" nightmare to  a "relationship building" powerful sales tool.

Do you know how to maximize this tool? Do you network effectively? Or, do you treat this as a casual and passive activity without maximizing the benefits?


Hank Blank will show you how YOU can build a large and powerful network that will lead to numerous referrals and build a passive income flow.


Hank Blank, president of Blank and Associates - a virtual advertising agency - speaks on networking to companies and organizations in Southern California including: Sole Technology, University of California Irvine, Public Relations Society of America, Healthcare Public Relations, the Marketing Association, and the Laguna College of Art.  As a former advertising agent, he represented Kellogg's, Unocal, Sempra Energy, divisions of Revlon and Campbell Soup, Subway, Burger King, Labatt's Breweries and the St. Joseph Health System.


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November's business case: What kind of funding should I be pursing?

This month's featured company has a product and they have their customers -- and now they are positioned to expand at warp speeds. But, they they don't know what type of funding best meets their needs. What should they be pursuing? They are counting on YOU to share your insights and experience! Be there and share!


(What is YOUR greatest business challenge? contact us at if you'd like to be our featured business case!)





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