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Dr. Stephen Bizal, D.C.

America’s Wellness Educator

Wellness Consultant &

Wholistic Health Educator

Provocative, informative and always entertaining, America’s Wellness Educator inspires audiences to take charge of their life to create optimal health in his most popular keynote “EmPOWER The Doctor Within!”  He has been a consultant to the largest integrated medicine center in North America… and has conducted leadership training in Emotional Intelligence for The Boeing Company.

He is the author of The Optimal Life,

Empowering Health, Healing & Longevity (2008). 

An innovator in the field of human performance enhancement , Dr. Bizal founded the first executive health & fitness coaching company in Southern CA (1981), and his Wellness Mastery™ EmPOWERment

Program educational series was the first Wellness & Healthy-Aging course approved for continuing education for Chiropractors in California.



The Optimal Life…

ü       pain-free

ü       disease-free

ü       medication-free


Available online



Praise for The Optimal Life


The Optimal Life provides step-by-step directions for achieving health, wellness, and longevity.”

 - Julian Whitaker, M.D.

Founder, Whitaker Wellness Institute

Editor, Health & Healing


“Dr. Bizal presents these magnificent steps to creating and maintaining wellness.  They are truly gifts given by a higher power through this humble servant, who is truly a proclaimer of the good news that can make an incredible difference in the quality of our health and life. This is a ‘must’ reading for every human being.”

- Donald Jolly-Gabriel, Ph.D.

Director, Hyperbaric Medicine

Whitaker Wellness Institute


“Dr. Bizal’s book has a magical way of bringing us back to inner balance and ultimate health that is unique and unlike any book on the market.  His message is refreshing, enlightening and life-changing.”

- Kardena Pauza

Ms America Fitness 2007

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