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The Power of Positioning: How to Make
Your Best Customers Come to You



Whether you’re pitching your case to VCs or want to give your customer acquisition a boost, positioning yourself as a solution provider instead of a “product pusher” can give you the edge you are looking for. 



This dynamic and interactive presentation will provide you with unique approaches to market your products and services more effectively. You will get fresh ideas how to improve your customer acquisition while lowering your marketing costs at the same time.



The presenter, Adam Urbanski, is a serial entrepreneur. His company, Marketing Mentors Inc., is a marketing training and consulting firm working with thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world through interactive online-based programs. Urbanski built his first 7-figure business in the fast food industry in under 10 years, after coming to the United States with only $194 and very limited ability to speak English. To learn more visit his website at:







Critical tactics for product positioning


Vimation’s CEO David Hemingway will be presenting the business case.




VIMATION is a  video interactive media firm that has developed VIM® an enterprise-level, interactive video platform that enables the ability for consumers to lean forward and interact directly with a video to navigate, shop or ‘drill-down’ to obtain more information. The VIM Platform three-dimensionalizes the consumer's online video experience and captures real-time reporting data and can individually target users by dynamically displaying the most relevant content available based on a profile, history or location. Publishers ,brands and advertisers are now able to create an enhanced video environment and user experience that is interactive, dynamic and relevant to further engage the consumer. The VIM Platform does not require a website redesign and seamlessly integrates into an existing website and connects to any existing Ecommerce or back-end data base.



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