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“Being a Successful (Woman) Entrepreneur”



Our speaker is Eden Jarrin, founder of BeJane and a successful serial entrepreneur.


Eden will be discussing the challenges of being a successful entrepreneur as well as the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

Access is extremely fortunate to have Eden presenting this month given her extensive media and business commitments. This is an exclusive presentation for Access EN members.


Eden is a passionate serial Entrepreneur with in-the-trenches expertise in brand development, new media and web, as well as a nationally recognized TV personality and on-camera host where she brings her high energy and passion for brand building to the forefront.  In 1997, at the age of just 21, she was a founding team member of, Inc. which she helped grow from three people in Vancouver, Canada, to a Seattle, Washington headquartered company with more than 300 employees, $140 million per year in revenue, and a $240 million IPO on NASDAQ by its fourth year.  After leaving in late 2001 and moving to California shortly thereafter, she aided in the growth of G4H Solutions LLC, a software consulting business, where she designed, built, and implemented web and online marketing initiatives for nearly a dozen companies across multiple categories. 


In 2004 she founded Be Jane, Inc. and as CEO led the company into a nationally recognized brand with more than $1 million in revenue in its second year, a staff of 22, cross-media partnerships that included web, print, radio and television, content syndication deals with more than 250 newspaper nationwide, and strategic partners that included MSN, Bank of America, Better Homes & Gardens, Sony, MySpace and more.  Having an exclusive online channel on MSN, she also produced and was the co-host of 10 episodes and close to 100 video segments that garnered more than 3 million downloads.  Lastly, as a TV personality she frequently appeared as a guest expert on The Today Show, CNN, The Fox Morning Show, The Tony Danza Show, KTLA, and others programs, and has been featured in more than 150 publications including People Magazine, TIME, Entrepreneur, Glamour, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and many more.  

Eden recently left Be Jane and is now freelance consulting before she decides to jump in to her next opportunity.


Featured Business Case


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