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Access Executive Network, founded in December 2004, is Orange County's fastest growing organization for business leaders, senior executives and entrepreneurs committed to the importance of building and establishing local relationships, along with a commitment to community outreach. AccessEN provides a forum for peers who can serve as a sounding board and source of ideas and strategies for growing their business. Members of AccessEN have "access" to four pillars of support:

  • Community Outreach
  • AccessEN Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Real-Life Business Forum
Who joins AccessEN?
  • We welcome all businesses – small, medium and large – because we believe ALL perspectives add value
  • We are socially responsible entrepreneurs and senior executives – with a mission to give back to our community
  • Our members come from the HOT profile, fastest-growing businesses in Orange County
  • We discuss "real-life" topics that are applicable to all-sized businesses. Topics include: financial, marketing, motivation, strategy, etc. We don't focus on one narrow area, for example, just funding and raising capital.
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