Past Events

October 2007
Guest Speaker: Paul David Walker, President,
September 2007
Panel Guests: Matt Wolk, Managing Partner, Invigorate Consulting
Debbi Anders, Director of Strategy Practice, Quantum Leaders
Dan Husiak, Managing Partner, Strativa, Inc.
Panel Discussion on: Innovation through Strategy: Is it bottom up or top down?
Business Case: How do you achieve wider acceptance of a new technology product?
August 2007
Guest Speaker: Patrick McClure, Founder, Connexia Group
Topic: 7 Signals All Audiences Have to Hear
Meet the Charities: Web Wise Kids
July 2007
Guest Speaker: Kerry Shih, Chief Strategist and Founder, SyncVoice Communications
Topic: Springing Forward or Falling Back? - Evolution of a Startup
Business Case: Getting local businesses online - How do we achieve growth in regional geographic locations across the U.S.?
June 2007
Guest Speaker: J. Scott Bailey, President, BMC and Sandler Sales Institute
Topic: Isn't trust a must? - Building Powerful Sales Teams
Business Case: Designing a product for a software company in the mobile space
May 2007
Panel Guests: Ray Baird, Founder, RiechesBaird
Holly O'Neill, President, Talking Business
Alan Brew, Brand Strategy Development expert, RiechesBaird
Panel Discussion on: Branding (It's Not Cows Anymore) or How to Create Your Singularity
Meet the Charities: P.S. I Love You Foundation
April 2007
Guest Speaker: Jim Stodd, Principal, JT Stodd & Associates
Topic: The Times They are a-Changing': or 7 Steps for Really Managing Your Organization & Change
Business Case: Zero to 5000 in 5 years - How to acquire that many businesses fast?
March 2007
Guest Speaker: Ana Weber 'The Relationship Expert', Celebrity Coach, Speaker and Author
Topic: Expectations: How do Facts, Feelings, Freedom impact our expectations and careers, relationships & money
Business Case: The Shakespeare approach - To Be or Not To Be. Series B, that is
February 2007
Guest Speaker: Joe Sanfellipo, co-founder, Gibraltar Transmissions Corporation
Topic: Looking for Leverage in all the Right Places
Business Case: How do I penetrate a currently saturated market with a product that is superior to my competitors?
January 2007
Guest Speaker: Joe Sanfellipo, co-founder, Gibraltar Transmissions Corporation
Topic: Looking for Leverage in all the Right Places
Business Case: How do I penetrate a currently saturated market with a product that is superior to my competitors?
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December 2006
Special Event: First Annual December Liquidity Event & Toy Drive
Working with: Child Abuse Prevention Center
November 2006
Guest Speaker: Bob Larsen, CEO, Rushmore Group, Newport Beach
Topic: Taking Your Team to the Top
Business Case: Hindsight is 20/20 -- The Autopsy of a Startup
October 2006
Guest Speaker: Ron Wolf, AllignTM
Topic: The Five Critical Components to Getting TRUE Organization Execution and Workforce Engagement
Business Case: How do you affect change in an organization when your leadership changes?
September 2006
Panel Guests: David Allen, Corporate Department, Latham & Watkins,
Paul Kacik, Sr. VP, Barrington Associates,
Shelley Thunen, Executive VP and CFO, Intralase Corp.
Panel Discussion on: Building Your Business with Exit Strategies - and Stockholder Value - in Mind
Meet the Charities: Beckstrand Cancer Foundation presentation by Rene Leeson
August 2006
Guest Speaker: Thomas Gephart, Managing Director and Founding Partner, Ventana Capital
Topic: Network into Explosive Growth
Business Case: How do you acquire a reference client when nobody wants to go first?
July 2006
Guest Speaker: Norman Wolfe, CEO, Quantum Leaders
Topic: Building Boards That Work
Business Case: Challenges of Growth
June 2006
Panel Guests: David Bradford, Chairman, FundingUniverse.com,
John Garcia, Managing Principal, Angel Strategies,
Sid Mohasseb, CEO & President, The Venture Farm & Tech Coast Angels
Robert Ochtel, President, Carlsbad Technology Group
Panel Discussion on: Funding Sources, Funding Holes and New Funding Opportunities
Meet the Charities: P.S. I love you Foundation presentation by Patricia Jones
May 2006
Guest Speaker: Mr. Mitchell Wexler, Partner, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP
Topic: Foreign Born Talent; Understanding This Critical Recruiting and Retention Tool
Meet the Charities: Demand creation vs. market focus challenges
April 2006
Guest Speaker: Mr. Chad Steelberg, CEO of dMarc, now Google Audio
Topic: Top 5 major Milestones towards Google acquisition
Business Case: I have a disruptive technology. How do I take my product to market?
March 2006
Guest Speaker: Daniel Oldis, CTO MetaTrieval
Topic: MetaTrieval Software, Product Sales and Strategy
Meet the Charities: Laura's House presentation by Darval Bonelli
February 2006
Guest Speaker: Kerry Shih, President, SyncVoice
Topic: Your Start-up Business; How to Get Funding in Southern California
Business Case: How do we effectively reach and sell to national brand marketers along with growing sales teams?
January 2006
Guest Speaker: Paul Mlotok, President, The Janaka Group
Topic: Ethics and Values, How that will bring you more success in 2006
Meet the Charities: Child Abuse Prevention Center presentation by Tim Bauer
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